Sumptuous Honey Mango “Hedgehog”

Honey Mango

I used to be rather partial to a family bag of Haribo – Tangfastics and Starmix. Did you ever wear the gummy rings on your fingers like real jewelry and pretend that you were third in line to the throne with unlimited of bling? Me neither! Just kidding. Don’t get me wrong these treats are still fantastic in moderation, but these days I’ve turned to natures candy and I found them to be much more satiating. My recent obsession is the Honey mango they are also known as Ataulfo and Champagne mango.

Honey Mango 1
Honey Mango

The start of their season appears to be now and running until July. I chose three that were unripe so I could ripen them at home. I put them together in a brown paper bag for a few days at room temperature and it seemed to do the trick. The result was that they become softer to touch and took on a golden color. Once ripened it is my favorite really sumptuous, creamy and sweet.I had the most random thought the other day how in all my life I have never actually seen a real hedgehog. Have you?  I hope to make this happen maybe this summer, but in the meantime, I will have to make do with cutting a mango into a novelty “hedgehog” shape.

Honey Mango


  1. Cut the mango on either side of the pit
  2. Slice the mango with a knife into squares without breaking the skin
  3. Use thumbs to invert the fruit and the “hedgehog” will be revealed.

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