Chicken Tikka Masala

Legend tells that this warming, tangy and creamy classic was first created in Scotland, United Kingdom by awesome chefs from Bangladesh and India.Its popularity soared and it has become a national dish. This is a variation I made with coconut milk instead of heavy cream.  Also, I added in crisp Aloha bell peppers and aContinue reading “Chicken Tikka Masala”

Sea Scallop Crispy Noodles

This tasty dish combines sweet, buttery sea scallops with luscious crispy noodles. The savory sauce and delicious bite from the King Oyster mushrooms bring it all together without overpowering the natural maritime flavors. If you could only eat noodles or rice for a full week which, would it be? Ingredients: Hong Kong style pan-fry noodlesContinue reading “Sea Scallop Crispy Noodles”

Steamed Chicken Lotus Leaf Wraps (Lo Mai Gai)

Not the best looking in the dim sum crowd, but I personally think it’s one of the tastiest. The Lotus leaves give a unique earthy tea aroma which infuses the rice. Glutinous rice or sweet rice has an almost stickier texture almost like a sushi rice. It can take a bit of time to makeContinue reading “Steamed Chicken Lotus Leaf Wraps (Lo Mai Gai)”

Toasted Superfood Energy Bites

Seeds aren’t just for the birds. This is an easy way to eat them if you are looking for a change from just sprinkling them over your trusted porridge oats. These sweet, nutty and seed packed energy bites are great if you are looking for a portable on-the-go healthy snack. If you are a fanContinue reading “Toasted Superfood Energy Bites”

San Marzano Tomato, Garlic and Olive Oil Farfalle Pasta

A super simple and comforting pasta that uses easy to find ingredients. It is ideal for using up leftover ripe tomatoes and frozen peas. I like to use Farfalle pasta commonly known as bow-tie or butterfly pasta. Ingredients: 2 cups Farfalle pasta 8 San Marzano tomatoes (cut in half) 1 cup crushed tomato paste ½Continue reading “San Marzano Tomato, Garlic and Olive Oil Farfalle Pasta”

Singaporean Street Food Fish Ball Noodles

This is my version of the classic Singaporean street food Fish Ball Noodle without pork (Mee Pok Tah) . These thick noodles meander around the savory sauce beautifully. A really quick and tasty meal that can be rustled up in under 15minutes. Serves 1 Ingredients: 4 fish balls 3 stalks Chinese broccoli 1 portion thickContinue reading “Singaporean Street Food Fish Ball Noodles”

Pan-fried King Oyster Mushroom “Scallops”

King Oyster Mushrooms are my all-time favorite. They have a stunning umami flavor that I think taste amazing on their own or work well as a great side dish. The texture is on par with a seafood scallop and is the perfect plant-based alternative. With a sharp knife I cut a knots and crosses patternContinue reading “Pan-fried King Oyster Mushroom “Scallops””

Barramundi Rice Bowl

Barramundi fish has been reported to be sustainable fish and it is low in mercury in comparison to others. They are fantastic steamed to retain its natural flakey texture and tender flavor. Ingredients: Serves 3 12 oz Barramundi fish 2 cups Jasmine rice 3 Shiitake mushrooms (sliced) 1 Carrot (sliced) 1 Green onion stalk (sliced)Continue reading “Barramundi Rice Bowl”